Thursday, January 2, 2014


It's another new year, a time where everyone decides to start fresh and re-invent.  I'm a sucker for new years resolutions. They often are the same, and I usually "forget" to do them once January has come and gone.

This year, I'm still going to make resolutions, but I'm putting more reason into them, with actual goals that will be more successful if I continue.

So, without any more delay, here are my goals:

1// Eat healthier and home made.

With my hectic school schedule, I have a tendency to snack on processed foods, buy from coffee shops or binge on heavy restaurant meals. This goal is more so a goal of planning because that literally is all that stops me from eating healthier.  I love eating raw, natural and snacking on simple foods, I just forget to prepare, and thus fall into bad habits.  I've also since getting my license, have been cutting down on drinking and I'd like to continue that.
I'm going to try and prepare veggie bags to take to school every day. Always have a protein and work from there.  And hopefully, if I can budget for it, buy a magic bullet and start substituting smoothies into my routine.
Speaking of budgets:

2// Budget my financials and limit spending.

With graduation looming - I have a lot to plan for that will require money.  While I'm not a shopaholic, I do tend to spend money on "little things" often that will add up quickly.  So I've made an excel spreadsheet to track what I'm spending (especially on cash) to hopefully stay in the black each month.
I need to stop spending on snacks/eating out, unnecessary makeup (so hard!) and clothing.

3// Move my body.

I sit still so often with school, staring into a computer screen and moving from chair to couch. I want to be active. As much as I can be. I've found this site that I want to try and do at least 3 times a week. Even just doing Yoga every morning after waking up would help.

4// See and contact people more.

I get lost into the abyss of school and forget to talk to friends.  It's so sad that the people I love most don't know major life events about me until I see them after the 4 months of school. I need to just say "hey how's it going" more often, and pencil people in for little lunch dates (BYO-Lunch!!). It's not that I don't have time for people, it's that I fail to keep in contact.


Hopefully I can follow through with these goals.  They are hefty, and the "pressure" makes them daunting, but they are goals for a better me.  With a potential move on the way, I need to be ready and prepared, and these goals will help me and make that transition even easier.